India seeks to join forces with Russia to build submarines and stealth warships

According to the Indian "Economic Times" reported

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US Discontinued Sales Submarine Program Taiwan Navy to start self-construction program

The Taiwan Navy plans to begin the preliminary design of the submarine in 2016

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US R & D new unmanned remote control ship can be deeply tracked enemy submarines

The United States is developing new submarine tracking technology

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Hainan Sansha City, the establishment of marriage registration officers and men can Yongxing Island on the card

Sansha City in Yongxing Island to set up a marriage registration point

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Ministry of Education: is strictly prohibited primary and secondary school organizations, students are required to participate in paid remedial classes

Recently, the Ministry of Education has issued a "no restrictions on primary and secondary schools and serving primary and secondary school teachers to make remedial provisions"

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Foreign media: the United States and Japan in the Bay of Benga held joint maritime exercise

Indian Navy sent a submarine, surface ships and maritime reconnaissance aircraft to participate in the Malabar (Malabar) military exercise

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The Ministry of Defense responded to the recent intensive military exercise of the Japanese Self Defense Force

Yang Yujun said that Japan and the United States, the Philippines recently held a joint military exercise

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Transnational politician Saakashvili from the Georgian president to the governor of Ukraine

Ukrainian Interior Minister Awakov 14th in the highest Rada (parliament) with the former president of Georgia, now Ukraine Odessa governor Saakashvili outbreak quarrel

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Beijing: "Beijing white" industry docking warming Dahongmen business flock to Baigou

Beijing Dahong door market and the white ditch market has the same place

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Owners 2800 yuan to do the road parking card parking time was frequently refused

Reporters visited 15 parking spots only one to let the casually stop why the tollers do not want to let the owner of the card parking

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Wu Changjiang held 130 million shares of this network this network over 400 million people onlookers

NVC lighting founder Wu Changjiang held by the 130 million shares of BDO Runda stock auction by the Zhuhai City Intermediate People's Court

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Baghdad has killed 166 people and injured 230 people

Baghdad's two car bomb attacks on the morning of 3 have killed at least 166 people, 230 people were injured

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Hebei an illegal processing dens explosion caused by five dead two responsible persons were controlled

Led by the municipal leaders were responsible for the treatment of the wounded, on-site disposal, rehabilitation and other work

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Indonesian airport guards suspected of rape Chinese women's embassy asked to thoroughly investigate the case

Embassy negotiations strongly urge Indonesia to thoroughly investigate the case punish criminals Chinese Embassy in Indonesia third secretary Bai Lingyan told this reporter

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A Sangqi Embassy 4 years of refugee British celebrities to participate in commemorative activities

British Supreme Court ruled that extradition A Sangqi to Sweden

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Henan Nanyang, Xinyang, Luoyang, Pingdingshan four cities will build nuclear power projects

Henan Province, non-fossil energy accounted for the proportion of total energy consumption will reach more than 7%

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A Pakistani market exploded and killed more than 30 people in six people

The injured were transferred to a nearby hospital

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